Warranty Certificate

Warranty Certificate

Our warranty policy, procedures and product service contacts must be utilized when carrying out product warranty repairs and replacements.
Warranty claims are administered through authorized service stations. These stations should be utilized first in pursuing a warranty or service inquiry.

I. Warranty conditions

1. Product during the warranty period and according to the manufacturers’ conditions.

2. Against any defect that may occur during production, assembly and/or defective parts.

3. Product’s serial number and  certificate has been removed, erased, defaced, altered.

4. The warranty certificate should be kept throughout the warranty period.

5. The period of warranty shall start from the date of delivery of the product to the customer and shall cover a period of 18 months(Twelve).

II. This Warranty is not valid

1. Product is not covered under warranty

2. The warranty does not cover damage that has occurred due  to disassemble any

3. Errors caused by the users while using a product and external factors influencing product:  Installed incorrect, wrong power supply input voltage, equipment used in explosive environments, defective products falls, arbitrary removal.

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